Common Misconceptions About Energy Healing

Natural healing practices are becoming more accepted, but there are still a lot of false myths floating around about alternatives to conventional medicine. Energy healing, in particular, has helped numerous people, but it is still poorly understood by the masses. If you are thinking of attending an energy healing retreat or visiting a healer for a few sessions, it's important that you know the truth. Here are some common misconceptions about energy healing. Read More 

Preventing Urinary Tract Infections

The discomfort and embarrassment you feel when coming down with a urinary tract infection can be upsetting. If you've just gone through yet another infection, it's time to become smart and vigilant about preventing them. Consider these UTI prevention recommendations. Wear Looser Pants Many people are still wearing skinny jeans and tighter trousers on a daily basis. While fashionable, understand that this can create an environment that's especially attractive to bacteria--one that's humid and dark. Read More 

Medical Marijuana: Key Facts

One of the more interesting legal trends of recent years is the advent of medical marijuana. Many states have adopted legislation that allows people to use this substance to alleviate symptoms from a variety of medical conditions. The following article takes a closer look at this fascinating legal development. States As of December 2018,  a total of 33 States and the District of Columbia have comprehensive laws that allow individuals to use marijuana to treat their symptoms. Read More 

All Natural Support For People With Nerve Disorders

Fibromyalgia, lupus, MS: what do these three disorders have in common? They all attack and affect the nervous system, causing dysfunction and crippling pain. Dozens of pharmacological products and their side effects do not make it better either. It might be a good idea to try natural medicine for a while. There are many natural remedies that can support your body without side effects when you have one of these three nerve disorders. Read More 

Brush And Floss Your Teeth Regularly And Use Natural Herbal Products For Treating Gum Swelling And Receding Gums

The danger of gum swelling is that if you ignore it, and do so for a long time, you're really courting gum disease at your own peril. It has a way of silently sneaking upon you while destroying your teeth. In the interim, the gingival infection progresses to the point wherein inflammation, more often called periodontitis, flourishes. Gum swelling is thus sustained in your mouth. So practicing good dental hygiene at all times is something you should practice doing. Read More