Three Ways to Use CBD Discretely

CBD has become more popular since the Farm Bill legalized growing hemp in 2018. However, there is still some suspicion of the substance in some circles, and you may not quite feel comfortable using your CBD out in the open in your workplace or around certain people in your life. Does this mean you have to leave your CBD at home and go without it? No! If you find CBD beneficial, there are some discrete ways of using it when you're out and about.

Take CBD Pills

If you have been using CBD oil orally up until this point, you may want to switch to CBD pills, at least for public use. These pills usually look like the clear little capsules that vitamin E and other vitamin supplements come in. When you take them, nobody will realize you're taking CBD and not some other medication or supplement, like an over-the-counter pain reliever. If you're worried about someone looking at the pill bottle and realizing it's CBD that you're taking, just bring a few CBD capsules with you in an unlabeled container. 

CBD pills take a little longer to work than CBD oil taken orally because none of the CBD will be absorbed through the mouth. Just be aware of this; take the CBD pills before you absolutely need them.

Apply a CBD Cream

If you are using CBD for pain relief, then you might be able to switch to using it topically, rather than ingesting it. Topical CBD is really nice for alleviating arthritis pain, any pain due to a previous injury, or even sore skin. You can rub a little CBD-infused lotion into the sore area whenever you want. Nobody will realize you're not just using regular moisturizer. Look for a scented CBD lotion, as whatever scent it is infused with will overpower the naturally earthy scent of CBD.

Vape CBD

Vaping CBD may not be discrete in all situations. But if you are in an environment where there are people vaping nicotine or even non-medicated vapors, then you can vape CBD alongside them without them realizing what's in your vape cartridge. Vaping is the fastest way to get the benefits from CBD, so it is a good choice if you're using CBD to relieve anxiety or stress.

If you want to use CBD without people knowing it, then there are ways to do so. Think about the options above, and decide which one will work best for you.