Taking Your Dog To Their First Acupuncture Appointment

Just as it is for humans, acupuncture can be quite helpful for dogs. It can help ease pain due to arthritis or an old injury. It can also help calm down nervous dogs so they are better able to focus and learn. Most dogs do well with acupuncture once they adapt to it, but the first appointment or two can be a little challenging. Here are some tips to help you prepare for and get through your dog's first acupuncture appointment. Read More 

4 Ways CBD Oil Can Help You Relax

CBD can be a great way to relax. It's becoming increasingly common in the United States, used for a variety of different reasons. CBD is a cannabinoid, one of the components of the cannabis plant. Most people associate cannabis with THC, known for being psychologically active and causing a high. In contrast, CBD does not give a high, but is much more associated with relaxation, lowered anxiety, and pain relief. When considering using CBD in your daily life, there are a lot of different ways it can be used. Read More 

Why Full-Spectrum CBD Tinctures Are Often Preferable

If you start shopping for a CBD tincture, one thing you'll quickly realize is that you have a lot of options. Everyone has their own preferences, and surely there are many great products out there. However, if you're not sure where to start, you are often best off opting for a tincture labeled as "full spectrum." Here's a look at the key reasons full-spectrum CBD tinctures are often preferred to the alternatives: pure CBD and broad-spectrum CBD tinctures. Read More 

Aromatherapy With Monarda Essential Oil: Without A Diffuser

Monarda essential oil is a very versatile essential oil best used for aromatherapy. Most people find it easiest to add the oil to a water-filled diffuser and let the diffuser spread the scent through the room. But what if you don't have a diffuser? Luckily, there are other ways to enjoy the aromatherapy benefits of this lovely oil. Here are some options — along with the reasons you may want to use monarda essential oil in the first place. Read More 

Using Jewelry To Heal: How To Find A Piece To Heal On An Energetic Level

When you've experienced a difficult situation, healing will be a critical step to finally moving forward. Something that can assist you in this process is healing jewelry. Specifically designed to help heal people on an energetic level, this type of jewelry comes in a variety of styles and forms. Here are a few tips on how to select a piece of jewelry to help the healing process begin.  Setting Your Intention Read More