When Might You Need A High-Potency CBD Gummy?

If you browse the CBD shelf at your local pharmacy or dispensary, you will notice that the gummies come in many different concentrations. Most contain 10 mg, 20 mg, or maybe 50 mg of CBD. These are the gummies most people buy and use on a regular basis. But then, you'll probably see a few bottles of high-potency CBD gummy bottles that contain as much as 300 mg of CBD. This can seem like a lot of CBD if you're used to the smaller doses, but in fact, there are plenty of situations in which a high-potency CBD gummy can be useful.

For Serious Anxiety

For many patients with anxiety, taking low-dose CBD gummies once a day or even twice a day can help keep the anxiety at bay. However, if you are someone who suffers serious anxiety attacks in very specific situations, you may benefit from taking a high-dose CBD gummy before that situation arises. For example, if you suffer from social anxiety and you have to give a speech, taking a high dose CBD gummy before you give your speech could be what you need to remain calm and make it through. 

For Managing Post-Chemotherapy Side Effects

CBD is incredibly useful for managing the common side effects of chemotherapy, such as nausea and headaches. However, low doses do not always cut it. You may need to take a high dose CBD gummy when your side effects are at their worst. Some patients actually respond best when they take the gummy immediately after a chemo treatment before side effects have even had a chance to kick in.

For Managing Serious Pain

If you suffer from serious, debilitating pain such as pain due to a herniated disc or back injury, then you may need to take a high-dose gummy when the pain is at its worst and you just need some relief. A lower-dose gummy may cut it on most days, but it's nice to have a few high dose gummies on hand for days when things are extra serious. Patients who have chronic pain and are weaning themselves off opiate pain relievers often benefit from taking high-dose CBD gummies throughout this process, too.

Most people would agree that high dose CBD gummies are more potent than is necessary for everyday use. However, when you are occasionally dealing with chemo side effects, serious pain, or the threat of an anxiety attack, these gummies are helpful.

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