Treatments A Naturopath May Recommend For Sinus Congestion

If you've been struggling with sinus congestion, you may be looking into visiting a natural medicine doctor in your area. These doctors, who are also known as naturopaths, tend to take a natural approach to medicine. They recommend herbal remedies or natural remedies whenever possible, and they also tend to recommend lifestyle changes you can make to minimize your symptoms. Here are some such treatments a naturopath may recommend for sinus congestion.

Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus oil is good at clearing out the sinuses and reducing inflammation within them. There are a few different ways you can use it. The first is to mix it with an equal amount of almond oil and then dab it on your chest and under your nose. Another option is to make a hot bath and add some eucalyptus oil to that bath. Soak in the bath while inhaling the steam that rises. Your naturopath can give you guidance on how often to use eucalyptus oil and whether you should keep using it once your congestion clears.

Sinus Irrigation

Sinus irrigation means putting liquid into your sinuses to clear out the congestion. Some naturopaths may do this for you right in their office. Others will send you home with a little device you can use to clear your own sinuses. They may recommend using just clean, warm water, or they may have you use saline. You can usually combine this remedy with any other treatments as it does not involve any medication or substances.

Local Honey

Eating local honey won't immediately ease your sinus congestion, but it may help prevent the congestion from returning later on. Honey contains pollen from flowers and plants in your area. Exposing yourself to this pollen a little at a time may make you less sensitive to it, which may dull an allergic reaction that is contributing to your sinus congestion. Your naturopath will likely only recommend this remedy if they feel your congestion has an allergic component. If they do recommend using honey, make sure the honey you purchase is raw. Cooking or heating the honey will "kill" the pollen granules so you don't get the same benefits. Your doctor will tell you how much honey to take and how often.

If you're struggling with sinus congestion, a naturopath can be helpful. Make an appointment, and don't be surprised if they recommend trying one or more of the natural remedies above.