Taking Your Dog To Their First Acupuncture Appointment

Just as it is for humans, acupuncture can be quite helpful for dogs. It can help ease pain due to arthritis or an old injury. It can also help calm down nervous dogs so they are better able to focus and learn. Most dogs do well with acupuncture once they adapt to it, but the first appointment or two can be a little challenging. Here are some tips to help you prepare for and get through your dog's first acupuncture appointment.

Give them a calming remedy beforehand.

Consider giving your dog some calming treats prior to the appointment. Give them an hour or so before you leave so they have plenty of time to kick in. There are several active ingredients that work well in these treats, but when in doubt, look for ones containing CBD. It tends to do a good job of taking the edge off and calming a dog's mind and body. A calm dog will not only be easier for the acupuncturist to work with, but they'll also get more out of acupuncture since they'll be better able to sit still and allow the needles to do their work of energy redirection.

Stay with them.

Some pet acupuncturists give you the option to stay with your pet or leave them. Even if your dog is fairly independent, you should stay with them during their first session. The owner's presence often calms a dog down so they are more receptive to the treatment. Plus, the acupuncturist may be able to get more done with you there to hold and soothe the dog.

Consider opting for acupressure the first time around.

If you arrive at the appointment and your dog is at ease, then by all means, go ahead with the planned acupuncture session. However, if your dog is really on-edge and nervous, talk to the practitioner about using acupressure instead. Acupressure is a needle-free technique that just applies pressure to the treatment points. It can be less stressful for a dog who is completely new to the idea of acupuncture. After an acupressure session, your dog will be acquainted with the acupuncturist and their facility, which will often mean they are calmer and more receptive to real, needle-based acupuncture the next time around.

With the tips above, your dog's first acupuncture appointment should go more smoothly. Keep in mind that many pet acupuncturists are used to working with nervous animals. This won't be alarming or worrisome for them.

For more information about pet acupuncture, contact a local business.