Why Full-Spectrum CBD Tinctures Are Often Preferable

If you start shopping for a CBD tincture, one thing you'll quickly realize is that you have a lot of options. Everyone has their own preferences, and surely there are many great products out there. However, if you're not sure where to start, you are often best off opting for a tincture labeled as "full spectrum." Here's a look at the key reasons full-spectrum CBD tinctures are often preferred to the alternatives: pure CBD and broad-spectrum CBD tinctures.

They contain other cannabinoids.

CBD is one of the best-known cannabinoids, likely because it is so abundant in so many different hemp strains. Its effects are pretty awesome. However, there are other cannabinoids found in hemp. CBG is one of them. CBG has similar effects to CBD, but it's a bit more energizing and can have more positive mental effects. Other cannabinoids often found in hemp include CBN and CBDa. Not only do each of these compounds have its own benefits, but they also work together to enhance the effects of the other compounds. In other words, CBD has a stronger effect when you take some CBG with it, too.

If you buy a full-spectrum CBD tincture, it tends to have not only CBD but also these other cannabinoids. This is because full-spectrum CBD is the total of the compounds extracted from hemp. In pure CBD products, these other cannabinoids would be removed, but in full-spectrum CBD, they are left in. You get more "bang for your buck" when using these compounds together in a full-spectrum product.

They contain terpenes.

Terpenes are aromatic compounds, or in other words, compounds that have a scent. Herbs contain them. Spices contain them, Hemp oil also contains some terpenes. The terpenes are removed from pure CBD tinctures, but not from full-spectrum CBD tinctures. Not only does this give the full-spectrum CBD tincture a stronger scent and flavor, but it also allows you to enjoy the effects of any terpenes it contains.

Each hemp strain has different terpenes, but common ones include linalool and limonene. Linalool is known for its ability to combat anxiety and depression symptoms. Limonene has antioxidant properties that help protect you from disease.

If you have your choice of CBD tinctures, definitely go with a full-spectrum one. You get the benefits of terpenes and cannabinoids, and these products often come in stronger formulas, too. For instance, a 5000 mg full-spectrum CBD tincture will pack a real punch.

For more information, contact a local company that sells products like 5000mg CBG-enhanced full-spectrum CBD tinctures.