Using Jewelry To Heal: How To Find A Piece To Heal On An Energetic Level

When you've experienced a difficult situation, healing will be a critical step to finally moving forward. Something that can assist you in this process is healing jewelry. Specifically designed to help heal people on an energetic level, this type of jewelry comes in a variety of styles and forms. Here are a few tips on how to select a piece of jewelry to help the healing process begin. 

Setting Your Intention

Before you go shopping, set your intentions with what you hope to accomplish during this trip. Look at this more than simply a shopping trip for new jewelry and instead invite in the idea that you are on a mission to find healing for your situation. Make it clear to yourself what aspects you feel need the most healing. Perhaps you are healing physically from chemotherapy treatments or maybe you've lost someone close to you and are feeling the full effects of grief. Whatever the cause for your need to heal, try to identify what you'd like help with on an energetic level beforehand. 

Choosing What Speaks to You

Jewelry that will heal you energetically can come in a variety of forms, including crystals, types of woods, and even essential oil diffusers. Some pieces might seem more intuitive than others, such as crystal jewelry that has distinct properties depending on the stone. Rose quartz, for example, would be perfect if you're trying to heal difficulties dealing with self-love or loving others. Moonstone, on the other hand, would work well for trying to connect to feminine energy. Remember that it's all about what speaks to you and what calls out to the innermost part of you that needs healing. Once you find a piece that speaks to you, hold it in your hand and sit with its energy for a moment to discern whether or not it is right for you. 

Charging Your Jewelry

Once you've found the piece that speaks to you, it's best to charge your jewelry to allow for its fullest potential of energetic work. This can be done in a variety of ways and depends, again, on which methods speak clearest to your heart. Some may prefer to place their jewelry in direct moonlight during a full moon. Others may prefer to place their jewelry in a bowl of salt intended to purify the piece. For a very simple method, simply hold the piece in your hands and imagine a purifying white light surrounding it. Whisper your intention of healing into the piece and give thanks for what it will provide you. While charging your jewelry is not required for the healing properties to work, it is a wonderful way to better connect to your piece on a personal level. 

For more information about energy healing jewelry, contact a local seller.