What’s The Big Deal With Full Spectrum CBD?

Marijuana and hemp product popularity have exploded over recent years, due to the products becoming more understood and widely available. However, there's still quite a bit of confusion over what chemicals come out of these plants, how they're beneficial, and what each can do for you. If you've used CBD before or have been interested in it and are just now hearing about full spectrum CBD, here's a quick explanation on what 'full spectrum' means in this context and how it's beneficial.

One Chemical vs Many

The main meaning of 'full spectrum' in this regard is that it contains the entirety of the chemicals found in the plant, rather than just one. All marijuana and hemp plants contain myriads of individual compounds that have an impact on people when they take them. This includes THC, the component that makes people 'high' when they consume marijuana, and CBD, which doesn't carry a high but has many of the same effects. Full spectrum CBD means that all of the CBD compounds are included, rather than just a single one. Traditionally, products were made with just a CBD extract, which excluded additional compounds.


One of the advantages to consuming everything that comes out of a marijuana or hemp plant is that the chemicals and compounds often work hand-in-hand. For example, a full spectrum CBD product may have a stronger effect for you than one that relies on a single extract because full spectrum CBD can improve absorption. If this seems odd to you, it's actually something that happens with many kinds of plants, vitamins, and minerals. Take, for example, calcium and vitamin D. Both of these are better absorbed into the body when taken with a little bit of fat. Certain compounds found in full spectrum CBD products help the main chemical to be better absorbed into the body, improving its efficacy.

Combination Effect

Another thing to consider is that some CBD full spectrum products also contain relative compounds, like CBN. Despite the similarity of their names, the two compounds are different things found in marijuana and hemp. CBN, like CBD, is capable of helping with pain, stress, and even some neurological conditions. They're not identical, but both can be helpful without creating a 'high,' which leads to many full spectrum CBD products including both, as they work better than either when taken alone

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