If You’ve Been Using CBD Oil Topically, Switch To A Lotion

When CBD was first legalized and started to become popular, CBD oil was everywhere. And it is, indeed, a great product because it can be used in so many different ways, including topically. Over the past few years, however, a lot of new and more specialized CBD products have been developed. One of them is CBD lotion. If you're still applying multi-purpose CBD oil to your skin, then it's time to make the switch to CBD lotion. Here are the benefits of doing so.

CBD lotion absorbs better.

You do absorb most of the CBD in a general-purpose CBD oil that has been applied to your skin. However, the oil itself tends to linger on your skin, sometimes giving you an oily and shiny look. This may not bother you on, say, your legs, but it could be bothersome on your hands and face. CBD lotions are designed to be better absorbed than general-purpose CBD oil. They rub into your skin like any other lotion. You get nice, moisturizing benefits, but you won't have a film of oil sitting on top of your skin.

CBD lotion is easier to dose.

With CBD oil, you usually measure by the drop, and it's really easy to end up putting 5 drops on your skin when you really intended to only put 3. With CBD lotion, you generally need to use a larger volume of lotion to get the same amount of CBD. This gives you a bigger margin of error when dosing the product. Also, most lotions come in pump bottles, and the label will tell you that one pump contains 5 mg of CBD, or 10 mg of CBD — depending on the product. So, dispensing the amount you want is easy.

CBD lotion may contain other beneficial ingredients.

Many CBD lotions contain not only CBD but also other therapeutic compounds. For instance, you may see lotions that contain chamomile for calming effects or some that contain vitamin C for its antibacterial properties. With these lotions, you can get the benefits of CBD and other ingredients without having to apply multiple products. This saves you both time and money.

Applying CBD oil topically does work, but it has its shortcomings. If you mainly use CBD as a topical therapeutic, then it's worth buying CBD lotion rather than plain CBD oil. It will be easier to dose, more easily absorbed, and a better option if you want to use multiple therapeutics. 

For more information about CBD lotion, like 1000 mg CBD lotion products, contact a local supplier.