What Do You Need To Know About CBD Tinctures?

Tinctures belong in the medicine cabinet of any natural health enthusiast. They can help you get the healing benefits of powerful herbs into your body. CBD tinctures are made from hemp extract, which is high in cannabidiol. CBD can be used to treat nervousness, low appetite, nausea, glaucoma, and other health conditions. Here are four facts about CBD tinctures that will help you familiarize yourself with this remedy:

1. It can even out your mood.

CBD has great benefits for anyone who experiences mood disturbances. If you suffer from depression or its less severe cousin, dysthymia, you may have noticed a negative impact on your life. Instead of resorting to antidepressants and benzodiazepines, you can treat mood disorders with a CBD tincture. Take CBD daily to level out your moods on a regular basis. CBD is gentle enough to allow for as-needed treatment. If you experience a particularly severe depressive episode, you can treat it with an additional dose of CBD tincture.

2. It can be taken with or without water.

If you don't care for the taste of CBD tincture, you have the option of diluting it in water or juice. When diluting your tincture, mix a small amount of liquid with one dose of tincture and drink it as needed. If you don't mind the flavor, you can take your CBD tincture sublingually for faster effects. Place the dropper beneath your tongue and squeeze the liquid there. For sublingual use, do not swallow. Allow the tincture to sit in your mouth until it has fully absorbed.

3. It will not intoxicate you.

Tinctures are made by suspending an herbal extract in alcohol. However, tinctures are very concentrated. You only need to take a small amount in order to receive their medicinal benefits, so you don't need to worry about becoming intoxicated from your CBD tincture. CBD itself is a non-psychoactive component of the hemp plant, so it will not get you high. CBD tincture may be safely taken before going to work or driving a car.

4. It can help you sleep.

Many people don't get enough sleep, but a lack of sleep can have serious consequences for your health. People who don't sleep enough have weaker immune systems. They also show decreased cognitive function and poorer impulse control. If you struggle with getting to sleep at night, CBD tincture can help. CBD tincture is a natural sleep aid that can help you drift off and wake feeling refreshed.