5 Natural Ways to Get Through the Stomach Flu

Getting the stomach flu is never pleasant. When you get the stomach flu, generally what you are experiencing isn't the flue at all but rather either a bacterial or parasitic infection. The stomach flu is generally, transmitted either through contaminated food and water or through person-to-person contact. When it comes to dealing with the stomach flu, there are lots of natural ways that you can deal with it.

Natural Method #1: Bone Broth

The first thing that you can use to help you feel better when you are suffering from the stomach flu is some simple bone broth. Skip the chicken soup, and go straight to the bone broth. Bone broth is full of different nutrients that can help heal your gut, including glycine, glutamine collagen, and proline. These nutrients and minerals can help your gut feel better.

Natural Method #3: Fresh Ginger

The second thing that you can use is fresh ginger. You can take some fresh ginger root and grate a little bit into a cup of warm water. You may want to add a little honey to the ginger water combination as well. Ginger can help you reduce your feelings of nausea and vomiting. It can take away some of the symptoms from the stomach flu.

Natural Method #3: Electrolytes

When you have the stomach flu, you lose the nutrients that your body needs. That is why you need to replenish your electrolytes. One of the easiest ways to replace your electrolytes is by drinking something that has electrolytes in it. You can go with a sports drink; however, most sports drinks contain sugar and added food dyes. Instead, drink coconut water because it has electrolytes but doesn't have added sugar and food dyes that could irritate your stomach.

Natural Method #4: Activated Charcoal

Next, you could try some activated charcoal. You can consume a small amount of activated charcoal. Activated charcoal can help get rid of bacteria and toxins from your stomach. This is a natural method you should only try under the care of your doctor.

Natural Method #5: Peppermint Essential Oil

Finally, you can use peppermint essential oil. You don't want to orally consume the peppermint essential oil. Instead, you can diffuse peppermint essential oil in the room where you are at, to breathe it in and help relax your body.

Before you try any of the approaches above, discuss them with your functional medicine practitioner who will guide you through practical ways to help you through your illness.