How Fertility Acupuncture Treatment Can Help You Conceive

Some couples undergo incredible anguish over the lack of being able to conceive. While it may be quite easy for other couples to conceive the natural way, via copulation, it just is not that easy for others. So they try possibly every other means of conceiving without much luck. In a quest to overcome infertility, women are now turning to acupuncture for help in becoming pregnant. Acupuncturists are not only treating women but men as well, since low sperm counts can prevent men from impregnating their spouses.

Differing Options To Aid Conception

Women who face difficulty in becoming pregnant have in the past tried fertility drugs, in vitro fertilization, donor eggs, and embryos. Some of them even undergo surgery. However, none of these options work for them. They end up still not getting pregnant. There is hope on the horizon for you, though, when you choose to undergo acupuncture fertility treatment. It's not surprising to learn, though, that stress has a lot to do with not being able to conceive.

Negative Effects Of Stress On Conception

Due to the fact that stress is recognized as a major player in preventing women from becoming pregnant, there is a science behind why acupuncture is a fitting treatment for their lack of being able to conceive. Stress can cause spasms in your Fallopian tubes and uterus, which interferes with movement of a fertilized egg. Stress also alters sperm counts and can cause impotence in men.

How Acupuncture Increases Fertility

Acupuncture infertility treatment releases endorphins in your brain, and that counteracts stress and cortisol hormone, which causes problems when females try to conceive. Once stress is reduced, that increases blood flow into your reproductive organs. Increased blood flow strengthens your ovaries and uterus. Medical research notes that this act balances your endocrine system so that the egg can be fully nourished.

The Acupuncture Process

Your licensed acupuncture professional will insert thin sterile needles at strategic points on your body to address your infertility problem. The science of this treatment is to regulate energies within your body and internal organs. Acupuncture helps to maintain a normal flow of those energies, which then increases your chances of conceiving. In addition to that, acupuncture infertility treatment stimulates your hypothalamus. That balances not only your endocrine system but its hormones, too. It then finds out the cause of female and male infertility.

Talk Over Your Plans With Your Primary Physician

Discuss your plans for acupuncture fertility treatment with your primary care physician. That physician might advise you when it's best to begin this type of treatment. Some physicians suggest that you start acupuncture before fertility treatment begins and then continue the treatments until pregnancy occurs. Note though that some acupuncturists continue your treatment during pregnancy. It appears then that start and duration of acupuncture might vary among different patients.

For more information, can you talk to a fertility acupuncture professional.