Common Misconceptions About Energy Healing

Natural healing practices are becoming more accepted, but there are still a lot of false myths floating around about alternatives to conventional medicine. Energy healing, in particular, has helped numerous people, but it is still poorly understood by the masses. If you are thinking of attending an energy healing retreat or visiting a healer for a few sessions, it's important that you know the truth. Here are some common misconceptions about energy healing.

Misconception: Energy healing is a religious phenomenon.

Although there are energy healing practitioners associated with various religions, energy healing is not a part of any one religion in particular, nor does it require a belief in a specific God or set of doctrines. Rather, energy healing is about trusting that the universe is unified by a source of energy. If you choose to define that source of energy as God, personally, that is completely okay. If you prefer a more ambiguous definition, that's fine, too.

Misconception: Energy healing requires an energy healer.

One method of energy healing involves a practitioner guiding you through mind-body balance exercises. However, there are also methods of energy healing that don't require a practitioner and instead come from within. By attending an energy healing retreat or school, you can learn how to guide your own energy healing, so you can utilize the practices whenever needed at home, at work, or while out in public.

Misconception: Energy healing is a new-age creation.

Energy healing has experienced a recent surge in popularity. However, it is anything but new. Chinese medicine has been relying on energy healing, as utilized in acupressure and acupuncture, for centuries. The Japanese have been using reiki, a tradition of energy healing via the laying on of hands, for just as long. 

Misconception: If you use energy healing, you have to turn your back on western medicine.

Many people assume that if they use energy healing, that means that can no longer use western medical approaches such as surgery and pain relievers. It's true that some people find, after using energy healing, that they no longer need to use their prescription medications as often or as heavily. However, most people prefer an integrated approach. They use energy healing to supplement and complement the treatment they are already getting from their doctor. If this is the approach with which you are most comfortable, then it's a perfectly acceptable and effective approach to take.