Preventing Urinary Tract Infections

The discomfort and embarrassment you feel when coming down with a urinary tract infection can be upsetting. If you've just gone through yet another infection, it's time to become smart and vigilant about preventing them. Consider these UTI prevention recommendations.

Wear Looser Pants

Many people are still wearing skinny jeans and tighter trousers on a daily basis. While fashionable, understand that this can create an environment that's especially attractive to bacteria--one that's humid and dark. You may find that you experience far fewer urinary tract infections when you sport looser pants and skirts that allow for better circulation in the groin area.

Wear Cotton Underwear

If you're sporting satin underwear or underwear made from non-breathable materials, it's possible that you're in the same position you were in when wearing tight pants. Instead, seek out cotton underwear; cotton can often provide a better environment for your body and make infections more difficult to happen.

Buy a UTI Prevention Supplement

After taking care of prevention "business" on the outside, you might wonder if there's anything you can ingest to handle bacteria and support your immune system on the inside. Luckily, there are several good UTI prevention supplements on the market. However, when ordering these supplements, it's important that you know what the ingredients are and look for reviews about them. Good supplement companies will detail ingredients and be as transparent as possible; if questions persist after looking at a supplement company's site, contact them. Their support staff should be able to explain more about how the supplement can help you. If you have trouble with the customer service department, it may be wiser to seek supplementation elsewhere.

Of course, if you do find and purchase a UTI prevention supplement, talk to your own doctor. They should know what you're taking and may advise you on certain kinds of supplements in the future.

Urinate More Often

If you take pride in the fact that you rarely urinate, know that could be the reason infections happen so often for you. The process of urinating performs somewhat of a "flush" of bacteria so that it doesn't have as much time to multiply in the area. When you're holding urine in for hours, that gives bacteria more time to flourish. Use these UTI prevention suggestions. You might start to experience the comfort that comes with more days without any infections to treat. Keep working with your doctor to rid yourself of these infections for good.

For more information on how to buy a UTI prevention supplement for women, get in touch with your local health care office.