All Natural Support For People With Nerve Disorders

Fibromyalgia, lupus, MS: what do these three disorders have in common? They all attack and affect the nervous system, causing dysfunction and crippling pain. Dozens of pharmacological products and their side effects do not make it better either. It might be a good idea to try natural medicine for a while. There are many natural remedies that can support your body without side effects when you have one of these three nerve disorders.

B Vitamin Complex

Many adults do not get the full measure of vitamins they need to stay healthy. Worse still, people with nerve disorders require a little bit more of certain vitamins than others. There is a very high chance that you are not getting enough of what you need, on top of needing more. The B vitamin group is responsible for nerve health, restoration of nerves, bioelectrical communication through the nerves to the brain, and creating new nerve pathways. If you do not take a daily multivitamin, at least take a B complex vitamin. It helps a lot with drug-free pain management.


Potassium is key in supporting mental clarity and reducing muscle fatigue and pain. A potassium supplement is also prescribed by doctors of traditional medicine when certain medications are prescribed for fibromyalgia, lupus, and MS. Traditional medications that carry with them the side effect of potassium depletion in the body often cause charlie horses, muscle spasms, leg cramps, etc. Even if you opt to stop taking those medications, your condition still requires potassium for added support. You can either eat a banana (which is a potassium-rich super-food) every day or take a potassium supplement.

Willow Bark

Aspirin comes from the bark of willow trees. Native Americans used to chew willow bark for pain, boil the bark, and then drink the "tea" made from the bark steeped in hot water, and/or used slabs of willow bark on wounds as both a disinfectant and as a pain reliever. A natural medicine doctor may provide you with "tea" bags containing ground willow bark. You can brew this to help with pain on days when your condition leaves you in agony.

Menthol and Eucalyptus

Both of these all-natural ingredients frequently found in liniments and rubs work wonders on stiff, painful muscles. They help numb things just enough so that you can get up and get moving again. Staying active reduces flare-ups of your disorder, regardless of which one you have.

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