Kids, Special Conditions, Medical Marijuana, And Steps Toward Health: An Overview

Recently, Wisconsin passed a bill that legalized CBD oil, or cannabidiol oil. This is an extract oil taken from the marijuana plant and used for medicinal purposes. The staunch promoters and defenders of this bill were parents who found that the CBD oil was extremely effective in decreasing severe seizures, slowing down kids with ADHD and helping them focus, as well as parents who have children with autism and aggressive tendencies. The American Board of Pediatrics does not back the use of medical marijuana products in children because of the concern regarding brain development. Yet, this new law in Wisconsin is the first step towards the state's legalization of medical marijuana. Here is a closer look at the implications:

Proven to Help Anxiety, Reduce Aggression, Increase Sleep and Increase Focus

In many cases where medical marijuana is prescribed to help cancer patients with the side effects of cancer-killing drugs, it is a proven drug for alleviating multiple symptoms. It consistently reduces anxiety and aggression, while improving sleep and focus. Clearly, children with autism who are anxious, aggressive, cannot sleep and/or have a hard time focusing can (and do!) benefit from this drug's use. Children with ADHD receive similar benefits, including better, more predictable sleep patterns, which are often a problem for kids with ADHD. As for seizures, medical CBD oil, which is non-hallucinogenic, arrests the brain activity that is commonly the cause behind severe seizure disorders.

Other Drugs Prescribed to Children

Many other pharmacological drugs created in labs are equally, if not more so, harmful to a child's physical development and to his/her brain. However, the benefits outweigh the potential negative effects, so pediatricians prescribe them. Not surprisingly, certain medical marijuana products could easily be viewed the same way and have fewer side effects than the medications created in the labs. This is often the argument that leads parents to look for "natural medicine" solutions and turn to medical marijuana and CBD oil for help.

Moving Toward the Legalization of Medical Marijuana

The first step in getting your state to make medical marijuana legal is to make a "less scary" marijuana product legal. This is happening in Wisconsin and several other states where the drug is still illegal. Making CBD oil or hemp oil for use in brownies or cake to use as an antiemetic in cancer patients or treating kids with seizures makes sense. Once that gets across the bill table in state government, it does not take much more to push medical marijuana and its legalization all the way through.

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