Keeping Up with the Kids: 4 Energy Supplements Ideal for Parents

For many parents, spending a day with their children can be exhausting. Playing games, running around, and enjoying sports are just a few of the activities that can result in a huge loss of energy. It may seem common to want to brew up a fresh cup of coffee or guzzle a quick energy shot, but those options only offer short-term results and may cause you to feel even more exhausted in the long run. If you want to feel energized and keep up with your children, then you should try taking natural energy supplements. A variety of supplements can help naturally boost your energy so that you feel great and can actively engage with your children on a daily basis. There are four different natural energy supplements that you can take to help increase your energy. Read through each one to see which one fits your daily diet and needs.

Vitamin B12

Taking daily vitamins are an ideal way to help with your body's natural energy, but one of the more specific vitamins that you should focus on is B12. If your body is lacking B12 in any way, then you may feel sluggish or uninspired to stay active. This can make it really hard to stay motivated as children want to play, explore, and do all kinds of activities. Taking a natural B12 supplement is a great way to boost your body's energy. B12 is not found in too many foods, so it's often given in the supplemental form. As you take the supplement, you body can absorb the B12, and your energy levels will naturally increase. The vitamin can also help lower feelings of depression or irritability. This can go a long way in creating a happy environment for your children.


The human thyroid is an important part of a body's energy function. One way that the thyroid works to help create natural energy is with the intake of iodine. Iodine supplements can help boost thyroid levels so that your body's natural energy and metabolism will increase. Taking an iodine supplement on a daily basis can help with your energy levels and ensure that they will increase no matter what types of foods you are eating. The consumption of iodine will gradually work to increase your energy. You will slowly start to feel your daily energy increase, creating more opportunities to play with your children.


Along with staying physically active, your mental state is important for keeping up with children. Luckily, magnesium can help in both of these cases. Magnesium has the ability to keep your brain active and eliminate the grogginess or brain fog that may come. This supplement can also help you stay physical and feel good while doing it. The children give you motivation to stay active, and magnesium can help your body get through the process. Supplemental forms can be taken on a daily or weekly basis, depending on how you feel. It can also be paired with foods that naturally have magnesium. This includes beans and a variety of seeds.


Ginseng is a herb that can be broken down and served in a supplemental form. One of the main uses for this supplement is to release toxins in your body so that you feel better and can be more active while playing with children. Ginseng can also help you relieve stress as it boosts energy. Less stress can help you relax more while playing with children and keeping up with their energy needs. This herb is often mixed with other herbs to create supplements that can be taken on a daily basis and become a regular part of your diet.

As you shop for supplements, look for specific ones that combine some of these together in one. This makes it easier to take your supplements so you can boost your energy in multiple ways.