4 Of The Most Powerful Medicinal Plants On Earth

Many people will shake their head at herbal medicine before even giving it a chance. They automatically assume that if natural remedies worked, there wouldn't be any pharmaceutical medicine. What many people don't realize is that about 70% of pharmaceuticals created in the past 25 years have plants as a key ingredient. Plants were put on this earth for the sole purpose of giving people medicine. If you are interested in natural remedies, here are 4 the most powerful medicinal plants on earth. Read More 

Is Your Child’s Cold Making Both Of You Miserable? These Natural Remedies Can Help!

Kids are not the only ones who feel terrible when they come down with a cold. Truthfully, just watching youngsters struggle to breathe with stuffy noses or hearing those raspy coughs in the night can be very painful for you, the parent, who just wants to help your child feel better. Calling the doctor for advice is a good idea anytime your child is sick, but since colds are caused by viruses, your doctor will likely tell you to keep your child comfortable and just let the cold run its course. Read More